Smart: Supporting our Community

We at Smart value our community as exemplified by our support of the Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation Gulf Coast chapter. The definition of a sentinel is an individual serving in the US Armed Forces post 9/11 that has been severely injured and has returned from combat. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide the Sentinel with a four-year scholarship and mentoring program to support their successful return to civilian life in our community. This scholarship fund will provide rent or mortgage free housing, career placemen with training/higher education, a vehicle adapted for special needs, and financial as well as personal mentorship. As such, these Sentinels receive the gift of time to readjust to civilian life and their physical and emotional challenges.

In 2010, the first scholarship was awarded to Cpl. Donald Daughenbaugh, USMC. While serving in Iraq, Donny was shot in the face at point-blank range while on patrol. The bullet was surgically irremovable and remains lodged in his skull today near his spinal nerves. However, the suffering that Donny endures does not stop him from moving forward: A loving husband, a young father, a proud Marine, a true American, and the first Sentinel for the state of Texas, Donny is currently fulfilling his lifelong dream by attending San Jacinto Community College with the intent of transferring to University of Houston, Clear Lake.

Please join Smart International in supporting organizations that make an impact on our community like the Sentinels of Freedom.