Smart Services

Smart Services

Value reclamation goes beyond cost - time, space, and physical asset savings are also important to any project. We do the below for our suppliers and customers - ask us what we can do for you.

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Case 1: Large Project Dunnage Returns

Occasionally, scrap material makes its way to us in manufacturer-returnable packaging meant for use with customers only. Likewise, cancelled orders result in large amounts of customer-ready product in returnable packaging needing to be recycled. Due to our flexible processing abilities and experienced staff, Smart is experienced in saving manufacturer-specific bins, sleeves, slip sheets, and pallets for return and reuse as either one-off shipments of miscellaneous collections or as part of a larger, arranged project.

Case 2: Midwestern Supplier Trailer Drop

In any manufacturing operation, space is at a premium. Trailer drops which are loaded as scrap is produced is a helpful practice by local recycling partners. Extending the benefits of a regular trailer drop program, we work together with trusted carriers to provide on-site trailers at to some out-of-state suppliers. We also take combination loads of different polymers, condensing all plastic recyclables into a single outgoing stream. We tailor this program to supplier needs, ensuring timely pickups and prompt turnaround times.

Case 3 : Diligent Material Control

Due to incompatibility between the dye used in a supplier's regrind and a compound used in a customer's direct use approach for recycled material, we received a request to avoid all regrind of a specific color. Due to our robust QC processes and full traceability of materials, we were able to implement controls on pallet allocation and ensure that said customer would not receive material of that particular color with no additional overhead added by this additional step.

Smart Services

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